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Engaging Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Dungeonforge features a unique blend of gameplay concepts. We went with a top-down perspective, so the game shares the same simplicity in the control scheme as games like Diablo. At the same time, we love the engaging combat of games like Dark Souls. Thus the combat is driven by timing your mouse clicks to form combos, avoiding taking enemy damage by dodging and parrying, and positioning yourself well and waiting for openings to attack. We knew going in, with the idea of a game driven by player-made content, that the gameplay would have to be good enough for people to actually want to make content for our game. We think we've got a fantastic, well thought out blend of concepts that truly sets gameplay in Dungeonforge apart and makes it a can't miss type of experience.

First-Party Content[edit | edit source]

Dungeonforge will feature five playable characters to start with, each with unique traits suiting various playstyles. Each character will also have a unique back story which will be elucidated via first-party campaign-style content. Each character's campaign will contain around 20 hours of gameplay. Future playable characters will be released over the life of Dungeonforge, each with an accompanying campaign of similar length. Whenever there's an opportunity to improve the game via new editing tools, a first-party adventure will be released to showcase the new tool.

LAN and Same-Screen Support[edit | edit source]

Both LAN and Same-Screen multiplayer (using a mix of gamepads and mouse/keyboard) will be available to support that true, old-school feeling of playing D&D with a bunch of buddies in the same room.

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