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Through our in-game editor which we've termed "the Dungeonforge," you will be able to craft adventures rife with deep dungeons, dark woods, frosty mountain tops, and just crawling with the unspeakable legions of darkness. Your content then becomes part of the over-arching gameworld for all to enjoy. You can script quests within your adventure for players to complete, or even perform a "Live Telling" of your adventure, wherein you actively take the role of dungeon master, playing the part of NPCs and controlling monsters to shape the experience of the players dynamically, in real time.

Features of the Editor[edit | edit source]

  • Create and edit large outdoor areas - including adding towns and areas to encounter enemies - to form the overworld for your adventure.
  • Build complex dungeons into your overworld with a simple dungeon tool.
  • Script quests for players to follow with an easy to use interface
  • Script interactions with NPCs in your adventure, including branching dialog.

Get Rewarded for Creating Great Content[edit | edit source]

A token may be purchased in game that when used, gives the creator of the dungeon a tip, redeemable for real-world currency. The user of the token gains improved loot drops in return for their generosity.

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